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Cursor Thief Episode 2 in the works - imput needed

2008-05-05 13:22:16 by Procrastination

So I hope you've seen the first episode and if you havnt you should. its not great but it was an experiment as are all my flashes.

right. down to business: episode 2 is roughly 75% completed and i am in two minds how to finish it.

Should i add a new character to the series or not? i have an idea for both endings but i thought it would be fun to have my fans (what fans!?!) to give an imput to the flash and design a new character or even just give me an idea what to draw as a new character.

feck it. i went and added a new character.

for all the staticians out there my flash so far has:
5 layers.
555 frames.
582 keyframes.
0 tweens. yes zero, another fbf flash.

Cursor Thief Episode 2 in the works - imput needed


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