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X - Girlfriend submitted and CT 3 started

2008-06-16 20:35:43 by Procrastination

I did X - Girlfriend in a couple of weeks minus a few days here and there and im pretty happy with it. It was my first time doing a music video and my first time with vcam.

Current news:

Cursor Thief 3 is underway, here's a preview, it also has vcam. I can't say much about it although it will have sfx and music. Probably something by Frank Klepacki.

General news:

Vcam is kool, i usually dont use tweens but i did to test it. In CT3 there will be no tweens either but a lot of vcaming (its a verb, now at least). This episode will be better than the rest but it may take all summer.

I am tired and have a cold. I'm off to bed. Hope this helped!


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2008-08-13 08:07:39

one person's username, is another person's bible.


2008-12-01 11:24:07

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Procrastination responds:

you are stupid. i laugh at you and your entire genepool. which, of course is very small and incestious.


2009-01-16 23:40:12

Your flash smells (bad).
I have no smell.