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Madness flash in the works

2009-02-26 17:09:39 by Procrastination

Yea, i kno, its been done and mine will probably be nowhere near the standard but i just wanted to do it so i can practise composing fight scenes.

There is a point to it but because he is injured (you'll see why in it), his memory is all messed up so the scenes arent in sequence.

The actual (and i use this term loosely) plot is based on a short story i did a few years back.
Its sprites this time cos i'd prefer to be able to see how animating it works before i draw it. i think it will help the drawing if i kno how it goes first instead of fiddling with it later.

I dont have an actual preview yet but i will have one in a bit. For now go here

If you have any request for a mention or a cameo or a joke to put in it reply and i will and give you all due credit.

Anything to add, jonlajoie?

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And here's a sneak peek at the flash in progress. Any suggestions or feedback would be hugely appreciated.

Madness flash in the works


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2009-03-27 05:36:16

Love swanky, I've never really learnt/could animate sprites for madness combat. :l


2009-03-27 05:37:15

Looks* I can't believe I put love, I was thinking of putting *I love fan made madness flashes* >.<