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this is for the happy pill.

2007-08-13 16:52:37 by Procrastination

this is for the happy pill.

EDIT: its gone now.

Splinter Cell Collab

2007-07-24 08:10:25 by Procrastination

Ok, work has started on this collab
if anyone has anything to contribute see organclock.

i have a few ideas but im only using one. if anyone wants to do this collab but hasnt got an idea for it reply to this news post or pm me.

EDIT: its finished! splinter cell collab

vote five or six.


2007-07-19 16:34:43 by Procrastination

Wow, its here. its finally here. its been like waiting until christmas since july but its here.
it seems so strange like a new puppy. a new, flashed up, pimped out, re-coded up to its ass, puppy.
its like a dream come true. actually id better pinch myself to see if its really real.

Still getting used to it, i need a page header, a sig and an icon. but i have no time.
im working in a forklift place. we hire, sell and repair forklifts, we also do parts, building material (beams and uprights etc), gas tanks (the gas stuff not petrol stuff) and scrap.
its great craic.

Anyways, thats my first blog, i never do this things (is it obvious) but that was a shot at it anyways.

now get out.

EDIT: had to edit this edit about my edit. edited.