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New comic and Cursor Thief 5 on the way

2010-03-19 22:37:32 by Procrastination

Hello to all of my loyal fan.
Yeah, fan. (also thanks to you roolie)

Anyway I have a new comic below, take a look. Also, that line works (like it does in the comic).

And I am currently working on Cursor Thief 5, currently at 282 frames. The title may be revenge of the fallen or something gay like that.

New comic and Cursor Thief 5 on the way

Madness flash in the works

2009-02-26 17:09:39 by Procrastination

Yea, i kno, its been done and mine will probably be nowhere near the standard but i just wanted to do it so i can practise composing fight scenes.

There is a point to it but because he is injured (you'll see why in it), his memory is all messed up so the scenes arent in sequence.

The actual (and i use this term loosely) plot is based on a short story i did a few years back.
Its sprites this time cos i'd prefer to be able to see how animating it works before i draw it. i think it will help the drawing if i kno how it goes first instead of fiddling with it later.

I dont have an actual preview yet but i will have one in a bit. For now go here

If you have any request for a mention or a cameo or a joke to put in it reply and i will and give you all due credit.

Anything to add, jonlajoie?

/* */
And here's a sneak peek at the flash in progress. Any suggestions or feedback would be hugely appreciated.

Madness flash in the works

I did X - Girlfriend in a couple of weeks minus a few days here and there and im pretty happy with it. It was my first time doing a music video and my first time with vcam.

Current news:

Cursor Thief 3 is underway, here's a preview, it also has vcam. I can't say much about it although it will have sfx and music. Probably something by Frank Klepacki.

General news:

Vcam is kool, i usually dont use tweens but i did to test it. In CT3 there will be no tweens either but a lot of vcaming (its a verb, now at least). This episode will be better than the rest but it may take all summer.

I am tired and have a cold. I'm off to bed. Hope this helped!

yes, cursor thief episode 2 is finished.
i will submit it in a few hours, im waiting for my girlfriend to arrive and see it first.
im not arsed giving the updated stats but it is 728 frames and 60.6 seconds.
until then, please feel welcome to watch the first epsidode

this will be update when i submit the flash as well.

Cursor Thief Episode 2 in the works - imput needed

2008-05-05 13:22:16 by Procrastination

So I hope you've seen the first episode and if you havnt you should. its not great but it was an experiment as are all my flashes.

right. down to business: episode 2 is roughly 75% completed and i am in two minds how to finish it.

Should i add a new character to the series or not? i have an idea for both endings but i thought it would be fun to have my fans (what fans!?!) to give an imput to the flash and design a new character or even just give me an idea what to draw as a new character.

feck it. i went and added a new character.

for all the staticians out there my flash so far has:
5 layers.
555 frames.
582 keyframes.
0 tweens. yes zero, another fbf flash.

Cursor Thief Episode 2 in the works - imput needed

Madness entry in works

2008-03-01 11:48:09 by Procrastination

here is a new idea for my flash, madness gone mad.
its not just madness, its insanity

Madness entry in works

sig for OwnageGiy

2008-01-06 13:25:05 by Procrastination

gone with tha wind

It's a bit wierd and some are far wierder than others.
I only have a few in flash, my scanner broke :(
Here is the first one entitled "Cheese". Yes cheese is an overly used reference point for randomness but it just popped into my head.

Enjoy, more to come.

My New Comic - Constant Itch

Two flashes and a cartoon in the works.

2007-09-06 04:52:59 by Procrastination

blank posts

making a madness day flash

2007-08-17 08:31:07 by Procrastination

anyoneelse making a madness day flash?

i am.

it'll be plotless and violent.

that sound good?